Cybersecurity Services

Never worry about your digital assets with our smart cyber defenses

Cybercriminals around the world are looking to maliciously profit from your data

The biggest threat is ransomware. Delivered through spam emails and seemingly legitimate software downloads, this type of malware encrypts all your files and locks out your devices, paralyzing your operations until a ransom fee is paid in the form of cryptocurrency.

What ransomware means for your business:

  • The average cost to a business is $133,000
  • The cost of downtime is 23x greater than the ransom demand
  • A new business is victimized every 14 seconds
  • 75% of victims are running up-to-date cyber defenses
  • 99% of attacks are irrecoverable

How do you shield your business from the crippling consequences of evolving malware and other cyberattacks?

Partner with SKYROOT and don’t become a statistic

We’ll audit your IT environments, policies and procedures to identify your risks and then provide the most effective, tailored solutions. You’ll have a dedicated team of experts proactively testing for weaknesses while monitoring, investigating and eradicating cyberthreats around the clock. We also conduct post-threat analyses to continuously learn and stay ahead of potential attacks, so you never suffer a business-ending data breach.

58% of cyberattack victims are small businesses. 60% of those companies don’t survive the attack.* Don’t become a statistic. Contact SKYROOT today.
*Forbes 2019

We keep small businesses safe with comprehensive cyber protection

We’ll set up and fully manage everything for a flat monthly fee

Perimeter Security

Protect the boundary of your networks with expertly configured firewalls and Wi-Fi networks, strict user access controls, 24/7 intrusion monitoring and prevention and much more

Email Security

Neutralize the biggest threat delivery system with encryption software that protects your outgoing information and filters that prevent ransomware, phishing and all other types of malware

Vulnerability Management

Continuous assessments of your networks, systems and software enable us to proactively identify, prioritize, and minimize risks with software patches, system upgrades and much more

Endpoint Security

Defend all your devices against sophisticated cyberthreats, with disk encryption, active threat hunting and up-to-the-minute malware prevention

Threat Monitoring

Real-time Security Information and Event Management for your infrastructure and devices, with complete log management, analysis and comprehensive threat remediation

User Training and Support

Your staff will be educated on the best way to use security technology so they can eliminate threats on their own, backed by immediate support when they need it